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The world is changing faster than the speed of thought.

We understand the present needs and challenges of the world’s movers and shakers.


We have always been passionate about BI and Data Analysis and over the past few years we have mobilized our collective ideas and combined know-how in order to shape up a new concept of BI. We call it ReportView.


Back in 2004 we’ve founded View BI and we started out as a team of hardworking people, each of us with more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of diversified, state of the art BI solutions for the public and private sector.


View BI offers services in the area of Business Intelligence including but not limited to Reporting using reporting tools such as IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects and Microsoft Reporting Services. By developing ReportView we’ve set a new primary goal to respond to the leading shortfalls and concerns that BI professionals encounter in their general work routine with a stand alone BI Tool that incorporates the best techniques and technologies of all the other tools they have encountered.

ReportView is the result of more than a decade of hand-on experience in the BI development field.


We are fully aware of just how complex present data management work flows can become, weather we are referring to companies with solid backgrounds in the financial industry or to fast emerging companies from the global trade sector. This is why we decided to take a substantial step forward from our primary activity as exclusive Business Intelligence service providers and launch a new comprehensive BI tool that allows companies from all over the world to independently and effortlessly asses their own data.


Our mission is to transfer and transform our hands-on experience and plentiful insights into a stand alone data analysis and ad-hoc reporting tool that is specifically designed for non-technical employees who need to easily access and navigate intelligence gathered in any predefined data.


Our core team leaders that made ReportView possible have been engaged in the field of Business Intelligence for over a decade, have a thorough understanding of both technological progress and client needs, and pour their hearts into a new tool that revolutionizes the way data is being analyzed and measured. 


“We know that at this very moment companies all over the world spend a lot of money, time and human resources in order to extract the right data, analyze it and come up with valid conclusions and previsions in their efforts to grow their business. What we offer is a smart tool that will help our clients spend less time and effort to accomplish their business goals and increase revenue.” – Julian Goldstein, ReportView CEO

Julian Goldstein


Visionary entrepreneur with over 15 years of successfully implementing strategic Business Intelligence solutions, Julian Goldstein has a proven track record of strategic planning augmented by demonstrated ability to identify, troubleshoot and solve critical end-to-end business intelligence issues. Julian is responsible for creating, planning and integrating the strategic direction for the firm’s Business Intelligence practice. 

Adrian ensures that View BI is built on high-performing technologies by motivated and talented people, all while maintaining high availability. He spends his days hacking budgets, mentoring consultant teams and checking in on projects amongst many other things. His technical competences include Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, multiple industry standard BPM Frameworks, programming languages as well as reporting and BI Tools such as MS Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, BIRT and Cognos.

Ingrid Oancea


Ingrid is one of the most talented individuals in Business Intelligence and Data Mining, with a PhD in Data Algorithms  and Patterns, the leading architect behind the query engine that powers Report View.  All the intelligent and intuitive decision that transforms a random selection of data points into database queries and cache pulls making the ReportView magic happen were thought out by Ingrid.

Adrian Cioclei


Users want flexible reporting that’s easy to implement.


ReportView’s reporting solutions use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as design tools, which translate into fast customization in any format you may need (PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML and others).


Enhance your product’s capabilities by delivering effective reports that enable end-user design!

Discover the extensive advantages of the ReportView Analytics Suite!

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