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Retrieving, analyzing, transforming and reporting

big data at your fingertips


Wherever your data lives, ReportView makes it simple and easy to access and retrieve your business data for analysis, reporting or sharing. Easy. No restrictions. No boundaries. No SQL knowledge.


ReportView is a revolutionary self-service data visualization and discovery application that will empower and enable businesses to make better decisions faster and smarter. You can access timely, relevant, actionable data through an embeddable, cost-effective user-friendly reporting and analytics platform. Just like that!



  • Smart Report Generator

  • Native driver for big data systems: Hadoop, Greenplum, Teradata nCluster, IBM Netezza

  • Logical and physical data partitioning for an improved query response time

  • Direct data access roles

  • Inteligent and intuitive filtering capabilities

  • Intimate analytics and high visualization quality

  • Reusable, drag and drop metadata/semantic layer



Discover insights at the speed of thought

Looking for Sales and Customer Analysis to better understand sales performance and pinpoint business growth opportunities?

Or perhaps you’d like to analyze workforce data in areas such as demographics, ethnic diversity or gender compensation?

Connect to your data and perform queries without writing a single line of code. Follow your intuition and shift between views with drag-and-drop technology. Whether you measure your data in petabytes or in billions of rows, ReportView keeps pace with you.

Enhance human intuition with an intelligent query engine that provides a flexible, cutting edge solution to self-service data visualization and discovery.

The spreadsheet interface and intuitive drag-and-drop report designer help you easily learn and use our comprehensive tools.

Get fast and insightful data from your entire organization within seconds. Develop comprehensive reports using a simple drag & drop reporting interface.

Highly collaborative sharing, teamwork and publishing core features offer you complete control over user permissions throughout the organization.

Traditional reporting and BI software typically take months to set up and requires continuous adjustments. ReportView gets you started right away with an intuitive report design and management dashboard.

Access your data and reports anywhere, anytime, and any device. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.



  • Intelligent query engine capable to select from summary or detail tables

  • Export to your favorite format such as PDF, Excel and others

  • Quick top "n" and bottom "n" lists

  • Customized search and select options

  • Enforceable filter conditions based on pre-defined rules

  • High performance response time

  • Logical and physical data partitioning for an improved query response time

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